Standard Metallic Foil Specifications

Product Description

Pigmented metallic hot stamping foil formulated for general purpose. Commonly used on plastic materials in cosmetic or all other molded parts.

Range of Applications

Cosmetic bottle caps, labels, packaging, printing and all graphic sector

Plastic Parts


Available Colors

Please contact CPS Resources, Inc. for a catalog

Foil Characteristics

  • Standard quality for plastic materials in the cosmetic and plastic industries
  • Suitable for silicone roll-on and up-down stamping
  • Very good physical and chemical properties
  • Easy release for high speed application
  • Not over-stamp-able
  • Heat resistance 230°C
  • Fine to medium definition
  • Outstanding resistance to household alcohol and other household chemicals
  • Clean edge

Working stamping tools / stamping condition

  • Silicone Roll-on hot stamping
    • 160°C – 180°C depending on roll-on speed
    • Roller hardness of 70 – 80 durometer
  • Silicone die Up-down stamping
    • 180°C – 200°C depending on dwell time
    • Roller hardness of 70 – 80 durometer
  • Metal die Up-down stamping
    • 100°C – 130°C depending on dwell time


  • Keep in cool, dark dry place
  • Kept standing up right
  • Keep 25°C – 35°C
  • Maximum relative humidity below 75%
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