Skeletal Foil Designs


Our line of skeletal foils has no base color, they provide a wood grain texture to what they are placed on top of. This allows you to have the same surface characteristics on a variety of substrates.

Not seeing the foil you’re envisioning? We can create a custom foil for you! Contact us here or call (704)628-7678.

Skeletal Foils:

#12103 Striped Skeleton Woodgrain

#11653 Balsa Skeletal

#11630 Mission Skeletal Ticked

#11309-QUV Skeletal Cherry

#9080 Skeleton Woodgrain Trans

#60-0050 Shaker Skeletal

#60-0017-QUV Skeletal Brush

These foil images show a relative portrayal of our foils.  Our foils have intricate patterns, luster and texture.  Call to request a free sample!