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Stainable Foil Designs | CPS Resources Inc

Stainable Foil Designs


The stainable foils are designed to act as a case to be applied to PVC extrusion to create an authentic wood appearance.  We are able to customize the stain the end

stain to whatever your preferences are.  PVC alone cannot absorb stain, so our foils offer an alternative solution to this.

Not seeing the foil you’re envisioning? We can create a custom foil for you! Contact us here or call (704)628-7678.

Stainable Foil Designs:

#12170 Stainable Foil – Euro Old Pine

#12169 Stainable Foil – Cherry

#12168 Stainable Foil – Pine

#12167 Stainable Foil – Red Oak

#12147 Stainable Non-QUV Black Woodgrain

#12079 MDF Stainable Non-QUV Gloss Film

#12078 MDF Stainable Non-QUV Matte Film

#12074 Stainable QUV Gloss Film – no backup

#12073 Stainable QUV Gloss Film with backup

#12072 Stainable QUV Matte Film – no backup

#12071 Stainable QUV Matte Film with backup

#12056 Stainable Non-QUV Matte Film – no backup

#12055 Stainable Non-QUV Matte Film

These foil images show a relative portrayal of our foils.  Our foils have intricate patterns, luster and texture.  Call to request a free sample!

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