Metallic Brushed Foil Finish Specifications


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Product Description

Our brushed metal effect foils are ideal for enhancing a brushed appearance for plastic surfaces with high edge definition and durability.
  • Brushed foils can be stamped onto either general plastics or coated wood
  • Adds value to the standard gloss metal

Range of Applications

Consumer Products, Picture Frame Industry, Furniture Industry and General Plastic Sheets

Plastic Parts

ABS, PS PVC, PP, PE, PMMA, Acrylic and Rigid Vinyl

Available Colors

Please contact CPS Resources, Inc. for a catalog

Foil Characteristics

  • Two types: Metalized and pigmented metallic appearances
  • Suitable for silicone roll-on application
  • Fine brushed to coarse, gloss, matte and semi-matte
  • Easy release with clean edge definition
  • Large selection of shades
  • Outstanding resistance to household alcohol and other household chemicals

Working stamping tools / stamping condition

  • Silicone Roll-on hot stamping
    • 175°C – 190°C depending on roll-on speed.
    • Roller hardness of 70 – 80 durometer


  • Keep in cool, dark dry place
  • Kept standing up right
  • Keep 25°C – 35°C
  • Maximum relative humidity below 75%