Hot Stamp Applications


Hot Stamping is an exceptional application technique for product decoration.  It is accomplished by a decorative finish, specialized for each transfer by the varying structure and properties of the foil layers, being applies to the surface of an object.  This transfer is done when a foil is “stamped” with high pressure and “hot” temperature.  The die of the foil formulation takes on the shape of a product and leaves an impression as a decorative finish on the part’s surface.

CPS Resources, Inc. possesses hundreds of types of foils and is able to create custom foils for your projects, making us the preferred company for hot stamp application.  With our immense versatility and customizable options, we serve an extensive number of industries including, but not limited to:


  •               Advertising Industry
  •               Hardware
  •               Appliances Industry
  •               Housewares
  •               Automotive Industry
  •               Medical Products
  •               Cosmetic Industry
  •               Packaging
  •               Electronic Industry
  •               Picture Frames
  •               Bottle Closures
  •               Sporting Goods
  •               Furniture
  •               Toys
  •               Computers
  •               & More

Browse through our design catalog to see if we have the decorative foil that you are envisioning.  We will send you free samples of any foil for you to better visualize the decorative possibilities with your product.  If you do not see precisely what you visualized, contact us to create a custom design for your product.


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