Hot Stamp Applications

Hot Stamp Applications

Hot Stamping is an exceptional application technique for product decoration.  It is accomplished by a decorative finish, specialized for each transfer by the varying structure and properties of the foil layers, being applies to the surface of an object.  This transfer is done when a foil is “stamped” with high pressure and “hot” temperature.  The die of the foil formulation takes on the shape of a product and leaves an impression as a decorative finish on the part’s surface.

CPS Resources, Inc. possesses hundreds of types of foils and is able to create custom foils for your projects, making us the preferred company for hot stamp application.  With our immense versatility and customizable options, we serve an extensive number of industries including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising Industry
  • Hardware
  • Appliances Industry
  • Housewares
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Products
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Packaging
  • Electronic Industry
  • Picture Frames
  • Bottle Closures
  • Sporting Goods
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Computers

Browse through our design catalog to see if we have the decorative foil that you are envisioning.  We can send you free samples of any foil for you to better visualize the decorative possibilities with your product.  If you do not see precisely what you visualized, contact us to create a custom design for your product.

Application Examples Explained

Advertising Industry

Advertising is a competitive and vital area for any company when reaching current and potential clients, as well as, creating a strong identity for themselves.  Utilizing promotional products is an effective way to staying ahead of competition and grabbing a new audience of customers.

CPS Resources, Inc. is able to work with your company to get the exact look and right message that you want to send out to your audience.  We are able to decorate any promotional or branding product that your company can utilize to strengthen your image.

We offer pigment, metallic foils and high resolution rotogravure heat transfers for the typical specialty advertising substrates.  With our already extensive line of foils, we can create custom foils with the lowest minimum order quantity in our industry.

The look of stainless steel appliances has been a popular coice in home decor since the 1930s.  At CPS Resources, Inc. we are able to decorate them while keeping the appliances clean and modern look.  We offer an array of stainless steel looks, with an added variety of colored brushed metallic foils.

CPS Resources, Inc. has an abundance of brushed foil formulations (high-vacuum foilsstandard metallic foilshigh-endurance metallic foilsmetallic brushed foilsprinted-metallic brushed foils) for specific application and substrates like PP, SAN, ABS, PS, PVC and PMMA.  Then to create the durable, scratch resistant surface that stainless steel is known for, we have a laminating foil. With this laminating foil, the PET carrier is coated with a UV curable hard coat that is not removed after the application to the substrate.

Appliances & Electronics

Automotive Industry

We offer a plethora of decorative solutions to the automotive industry.  Applying a company’s logo on the front of a car, adorn interior decor or even label parts under the hood of the car.  Producing the highest quality wood grainmetallicabstract and even carbon fiber foils using the finest technology in the business.

Our High Vacuum Foil series is formulated to provide a uniform vacuum-forming decoration process. This allows vacuum formed parts to be decorated with dimensionally stable printed details, high opacity and high gloss.

CPS Resources, Inc. offers a line of pigment foils which meet under the hood specifications like battery acid resistance. We supply pigment foils which are exterior rated for applications which require UV resistance like mud flaps and license plate frames. We also have high polished metalized foils for interior and exterior applications.

The cosmetic industry is a key user of hot stamps and heat transfers, decorating items like nail polish, mascara, lotion, shampoo, eye liner and fragrance containers.

The presentation of a product in the cosmetic industry is a substantial factor when it comes down to the customer’s purchase.  Whether a product is $5 or $50, the design of the packaging can sway a consumer.  The cosmetic industry has increased its sales to over $42.8 billion in the United States, creating a rise in demand for our product decoration services.

CPS Resources, Inc. supplies superior foil products for this industry exhibiting the finest quality to ensure your cosmetic products are ahead of your competition. Our metallic finish pigment and heat transfer foils create a brilliant look when applied to cosmetic products.  The surface of tubes, bottles, closures and compacts are enhanced by our dazzling colors.

Our competitive pricing and reasonable minimum order requirements makes it effortless to create a custom foil color for your product.  Besides our foils beautiful appearance, they are able to pass the most stringent performance requirements for this industry.

Cosmetic Industry

Furniture Industry

Hot stamping foils are a superb decoration method for the processing of wood in the furniture industry.  Hot stamping foils offer a realistic lacquered wood grain appearance and feel.  An advantage that these foils hold over real wood is that they provide design flexibility.  With our wide range of designs and patterns we are able to cater to any project.  We have even developed a skeletal pattern foil that is clear.  When it is applied to a substrate it provides the texture of wood, but the color and design of the substrate show through it.

In the furniture industry, our hot stamping foils have provided proven solutions for market demands. Dry lacquered designs are stamped onto you substrates in a single working operation. Substrates such as PVC, particleboard or MDF (Medium density fiberboard) are commonly decorated on their edges and profiles