CPS Resources, Inc. offers a complete line of hot stamp and heat transfer machines.  All of our equipment is manufactured and inspected using strict quality guidelines that make it the best in the industry.  Not only are all of our machines durable quality and made to order with customer specifications, but they are at the industry’s lowest prices.

We offer in-house raining on all of our machines, with technical support service visits.  CPS Resources, Inc. does this support, because we will constantly stand by our customers and machines.

Our equipment line includes:

  • Roll-On Machines
    • Conveyor roll-on machines that apply decorative foil to flat surfaces, up to 60” wide
    • Vertical roll-on units, that can decorate 360 degrees on cylindrical parts tamping up to 24” wide for both foil and/or heat transfer applications
  • In-Line Foil Stamping Machines
    • Non-Motorized fixed head machines for use in-line with an extrusion line
    • Standard roller widths or custom widths are available
  • Off-Line Foil Stamping Machines
    • Motorized off-line machinery is used for stamping pre-cut lengths of material
    • Standard roller widths or custom widths are available
  • Vertical Stamping
    • Equipment from ½ ton to 15 tons are available
    • Covers 4”x4” to 18”x18”
    • Available with registration sensors for heat transfer applications

We also have available equipment tooling:

To gain an even more complete idea of our machinery and its capabilities, view our Equipment Video Library.  This includes videos a variety of videos, highlighting our hot stamp equipment.

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