Hot Stamp Foils for Appliances and Electronics



The look of stainless steel appliances has been a popular coice in home decor since the 1930s.  At CPS Resources, Inc. we are able to decorate them while keeping the appliances clean and modern look.  We offer an array of stainless steel looks, with an added variety of colored brushed metallic foils.

CPS Resources, Inc. has an abundance of brushed foil formulations (high-vacuum foils, standard metallic foils, high-endurance metallic foils, metallic brushed foils, printed-metallic brushed foils) for specific application and substrates like PP, SAN, ABS, PS, PVC and PMMA.  Then to create the durable, scratch resistant surface that stainless steel is known for, we have a laminating foil. With this laminating foil, the PET carrier is coated with a UV curable hard coat that is not removed after the application to the substrate.

Our hot stamp foil design catalog presently contains over 300 foil patterns; however, we are constantly updating the book with new designs with approximately 25 to 30 new designs each year. We will send the catalog to you free of charge. If you do not find the pattern you desire, contact us about a custom exclusive design.

Samples are available at no charge; this allows you to present samples to your customer while verifying the quality of our product. Contact us to request a sample from our design catalog.