Hot Stamp Foils

Superior Hot Stamping Foils


CPS Resources, Inc. offers extensive hot stamp foil design options.  With these many choices, comes the versatility of our foil coverage can capture the sharp and precise definition of fine line graphics or bold broad coverage surface areas.

Our foils are specialty formulated to conform to performance specific requirements such as household chemicals, UV stability, moisture resistant and abrasion or scratch resistance.  Those are just a few of the requirements we adhere to.  We are able to design a foil to meet any of your substrate’s preconditions.

Industries that Benefit from Our Foils: Advertising, Appliance, Automotive, Bottle Closures, Computers, Cosmetics, Electronics, Furniture, Glass, Hardware, Houseware, Medical, Packaging, Picture Frame, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Toys & many more!

Our standard foils are manufactured in master roll widths of 25″ or 50″.  Master rolls can be cut down to your specific width requirements.  Order requirements:

  • Minimum Order- 25″ x 1,000′
  • Minimum Production Order- 25″ x 10,000′
  • Minimum Order on Custom Orders- 25″ x 20,000′

Our standard foils are manufactured in master roll widths of 25″ (also available in 50″ width). Master rolls can be slit or cut down to your specific roll width requirement. Our minimum order, if available in stock is 25″ x 1,000′. A minimum production order is 25″ x 10,000′. Custom orders carry a minimum of 25″ x 20,000′.

Listed below are a few of our popular foil designs:

  • To see all the designs we offer, explore our website or contact us to get a free catalog!

Metallic Foil

The metallic foils have a reflective glimmer and shine to them.  Giving them the ability to boost the radiance of any substrate they are applied to.

Pigment Foil

Pigment foil is available in standard or custom colors. Durability is our key ingredient making our pigment line perfect for all industrial applications.

Abstract Foil

Our abstract line of foils offer a variety of colors and patterns to decorate any product. Coming in metallic and matte finishes, creating more versatile foils.

Thermoforming Foils

Thermoforming foils are durable foils. Formulations are available for deep draw while maintaining the integrity of the design as while scratch resistance.

Textured Foil

The textured foils that we offer are true to their name and are textured to the touch. Each of these foils creates an alluring 3D feel to any application.

Woodgrain Foil

Our line of woodgrain foils closely emulates the authentic look of genuine wood. We offer a wide variety of foils, with several wood categories and finishes.

Stainable Woodgrain Foil

Designed to act as a case to be applied to PVC extrusion to create an authentic wood appearance. We can customize the end stain to whatever your preferences are.  

Marble Foil

Our marble foils emulate real marble and granite finishes. The colors range from the popular earth tones to more vibrant and rich colors.

Skeletal Foil

Our line of skeletal foils has no base color, they provide a wood grain texture to what they are placed on top of. This allows you to have the same surface characteristics on a variety of substrates.

Foil Design Catalog

Our hot stamp foil design catalog presently contains over 300 foil patterns; however, we are constantly updating the book with new designs with approximately 25 to 30 new designs each year. We will send the catalog to you free of charge. If you do not find the pattern you desire, contact us about a custom exclusive design.

Samples are available at no charge; this allows you to present samples to your customer while verifying the quality of our product. Contact us to request a sample from our design catalog.