Gloss and Color Pigment Foil Specifications


Product Description

Broad coverage color pigments are used to decorate surfaces using the roll  on process.  For durability and workability, our high gloss hot stamping and heat transfer foil meets the requirements of decorating plastic parts. These hot stamping foils are formulated to apply using roll-on press to decorate a wide variety of plastics and coated wood.

Range of Applications

Picture Frames, Extruded Profiles, Signage (Engraving Industry), Furniture Trims, Electronic Equipment Housings and many others

Plastic Parts

ABS, PMMA, PS and Rigid or Flex Vinyl

Available Colors

Please contact CPS Resources, Inc. for a catalog

Foil Characteristics

  • High degree of homogeneity regarding color and gloss
  • Can be applied to flat surfaces, curves, edges, and contoured profiles
  • Suitable for interior application
  • Chemical resistance to oils, salt spray, soap and household chemicals
  • Excellent humidity resistance

Working stamping tools & stamping condition

  • Silicone Roll-on hot stamping
  • 180°C – 220°C depending on roll-on speed.
  • Roller hardness of 70 – 80 durometer
  • Pressure: 70 – 80 PSI


  • Keep in cool, dark dry place
  • Kept standing up right
  • Keep 25°C – 35°C
  • Maximum relative humidity below 75%