High Vacuum Foil Specifications


Product Description

  • This product is specially formulated to provide a uniform vacuum-forming decoration process. Allows vacuum formable parts to be decorated with the details, heavy coverage, high opacity, dimensionally and high gloss. Foil utilizes a barrier coat to protect image from cracking and being distorted.
  • 2500 hours weathering and light stability

Range of Applications

Ceiling panels, Thermoplastic Parts, Furniture Industry, Automotive and Interior Wall Decorating

Plastic Parts

ABS, PS, rigid or flex PVC, acrylic, rigid vinyl and HIPS

Available Colors

Available width: 25 & 51 inches Please contact CPS Resources, Inc. for a catalog

Foil Characteristics

  • Excellent durability and workability
  • High gloss hot stamping foil with clean, easy release and flake-free decoration
  • Excellent resistance to color fade and heat distortion
  • Can be applied to vertical or horizontal flat surfaces, curves, edges and contoured profiles
  • Suitable for interior application. QUV tested over 2500 hours
  • Chemical resistance to oils, salt spray, soap and household chemicals
  • Excellent humidity resistance

Working stamping tools / stamping condition

  • Silicone Roll-on hot stamping
    • 180°C – 220°C depending on roll-on speed
    • Roller hardness of 70 80 durometer
    • Pressure: 70 – 80 PSI


  • Keep in cool, dark dry place
  • Kept standing up right
  • Keep 25°C – 35°C
  • Maximum relative humidity below 75%