Hot Stamping Supplies

Hot Stamp Supplies

Magnesium Hot Stamping Dies


CPS Resources, Inc. magnesium hot stamping dies are a profitable method for achieving superior results when hot stamping an assortment of flexible substrates.  Paper stock, label stock and flat plastic materials, are a few of the elements that these dies are capable of decorating.  Our team of graphic designers can create any design required for your project.

Utilizing magnesium hot stamp dies will increase productivity and reduce the cost of production by cutting down the set-up time with affordable low cost set- up.  Magnesium hot stamp dies are ideal for low volume productions.  With flat surfaces and holes on the dies, customizable to your product specifications, the dies have a consisten die-to-die artwork placement.

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Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Dies


Silicone ruber dies are ideal for hot stamping plasticmaterials like ABS, styrene, polypropylene, polyethylene and polycarbonates.  Silicone rubber conforms to surface variations and delivers a consistent and high quality impression, eliminating the issue of sink marks and part variations.  Our rubber dies come in flat and contoured shapes for hot stamping on flat, contoured or cylindrical parts.

We create custom dies and construct hole placement to your specification for an efficient assembly and an increase in productivity.

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Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Rollers


CPS Resources, Inc. provides equality compression molded rollers for flat or vertical treatments of hot stamp and heat transfer applications.  Our rollers are the optimal option for peripheral hot stamping of cylindrical shapes and decoration of large flat or curved surfaces.  The rubber readily conforms to surface variations in molded plastic parts.  This ensures that there is a smooth application of hot stamp foils and multi-color heat transfers.

The rollers have an excellent silicone-to-metal bond that produce a smooth application of hot stamp foils.  They have a heat tolerance up to 600 degress Fahrenheit and are resistant to compression stress.

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Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Sheets

Uses include stamping large flat or contoured surface areas and also stamping raised artwork.

We also manufacture hot stamping equipment for a variety of applications. Get more information. To order hot stamping supplies, please call 704-628-7678 or contact us via email.