2016 Hot Stamp Foil Design Catalog

CPS Resources, Inc. continues to develop a fresh and innovative line of hot stamping foil designs. Our designs range from traditional to trendy and are in keeping with the design needs of the marketplace of today and tomorrow. The new 2016 CPS catalog is one of the most exciting to date. This catalog contains over 115 new and innovative designs that are divided into four categories:

Abstracts Woodgrain Brushed Metallic

Abstract designs represent a wide range of patterns and colors. The woodgrain section offers a wide range of different woodgrain colors and patterns. If you find a pattern you like but prefer in a different color, we can accommodate that request. We are also able to make custom woodgrain patterns as well. Our brushed film looks in various colors and it is one of our most popular sellers. We have small selection of what is available in metallic colors. If you have a specific color that don’t see in this section, please call or send us a sample of what you’re looking for and we will try and match.

The foil designs are approximate renditions of the actual color and design interpretations. It is not possible to thoroughly represent the exact color and appearance of the foils online.

Please contact us online or call us to request a foil sample or complete design catalog. Samples are available at no charge. 704-628-7678

If you have a specific color or pattern that don’t see in this section, please let us know what your looking for and we will try and match. Custom designs are available upon a request.
2016 CPS Design Catalog:

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